In the art's sign

among the mosts evocatives landscapes scenaries of Sicily,there are precious and imposings marbles that inspired greate artists of the 20th century.well-know institucionals,tourists and culturals buildings,both in italy and abroad.

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The evolution of a

noble raw material

We work the marbles following the natural production cycle that leads us to the final product. What we like to define is the result of a story made of care, attention to details, the experience that makes us even more careful in finding the solutions for you. And finally, craftsmanship, the pearl of our world and a value that we believe in so much because that’s where we were born.

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Over the projects,

works with
a soul

First we think of them, we imagine them, then we design them and begin to define their soul that will transform them into marble souls of inestimable beauty. This is how the works made with our Sicilian marbles and the finest marbles that we select in the world are born, so that you can dream big, without setting limits to your imagination.

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More than a company,

a family

Behind Evola Marmi there is the deep bond that unites our family. A bond that can be felt on every front of the company, because human relationships, for us, have an important value in the same way as the quality and excellence we seek for you, in our marbles.

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Professional life

between marbles and great works

Every day we live our profession as constant beauty seekers. We look for it in the marble quarries and in the marble we draw life from it to spread it around the world, wherever you are.

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