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The evolution of marble
in the productive cycle

divisore verticale bianco

from the quarry

The history of our marbles starts from their natural place, the quarries in Sicily. It is here that with drilling we examine the quality of the stone to be cut, the Perlato. And if this respects our needs, we proceed to cut the banknote, therefore to its demolition. A first process that ends with the squaring of the blocks with a diamond wire for the selection of the stone.

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From the cut

to testing

At this stage of the process, the frame cuts the blocks into slabs of the chosen thickness. Slabs that require a resin coating and insertion process in the ovens, in order to make the pearl more resistant.

Sanding follows in relation to the available finishes. Furthermore, we select the quality of the pearl from the slabs and, with the bridge saw, we cut bricks, stairs and blocks in various sizes.

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For a working at the future

All the works are carried out in 3D thanks to the use of latest generation machines such as the waterjet and numerical control. Devices that shape the marble according to our needs, in order to create capitals, columns, rosettes, inlays, cornices and many other architectural accessories.

The pieces made are then finished by hand, assembled and tested. After testing, we pack everything, building custom-made wooden crates to ensure maximum protection of the product during transport.

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The handicraft

Hand-working marble is another of the activities that distinguish our production cycle. Surely one of the most delicate works that we continue to do with passion, despite its complexity, but in which we have never stopped believing.

In fact, working marble by hand has allowed us to bring out even more intensely all the artistic potential of this noble raw material. A stone that lends itself to manufactures of extraordinary beauty and elegance, enriching the value of any space that welcomes its presence.

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The team

Evola Marbles

We follow each phase of the production cycle step by step, so that the final result is above all expectations.

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Vito evola c
Vito Evola
Founder and President
Roberto Evola c
Roberto Evola
Vice President , Responsible Production and Assembly
Samuele Evola c
Samuele Evola
General Manager
Amedeo Evola c
Amedeo Evola
Legal Advisor
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