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We are a family that has made marble a research tool for beauty in the world. We have read and understood its deepest natural essence, to bring it back to people and make its magnificence known in all its nuances.

This is how the story of a love that has lasted for years is born. Which develops and grows, first of all, in its founder Vito Evola, a lover of marble art, a marble craftsman and a close collaborator of some of the most important artists of world sculpture of the 20th century, such as: Ibrahim Kodra, Pietro Consagra, Enzo Cucchi, Paolo Schiavocampo, Andrea Cashell, Arnaldo and Giorgio Pomodoro, just to name a few.

We looked for our muse in art … And this brought us from the dust of our Sicilian quarries around the world, where we were called to create great works, which today bear the signature of our precious Sicilian marbles.

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We have always believed that exceeding our customers’ expectations makes each project even more extraordinary. For this reason, we have made the search for perfection our mission, working every day on marble of the highest quality and with the same passion and skill that would put the soul of an artist into conceiving his work.But what made us even more meticulous in our production was the desire to spread beauty and ensure that each of our projects carried an aesthetic and quality imprint like few in the world.

Evola marbles you recognize them to the eye and to the touch for their uniqueness of matter. A plus that has allowed us to spread them not only in Italy but also abroad, expanding our passion for art and culture more and more.

Today we are recognized as one of the most important producers and exporters of Sicilian marbles of great value. And we are working hard to ensure that the art of our trade continues to walk even more vigorously, to touch your emotional chords, wherever you are in the world.

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Here you can learn more about some of the highlights of our history, through a collection of articles that talk about us.

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“Stone becomes art
every time I can get my breath out. "

Vito Evola

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